TransPerfect Legal Solutions Expands Deposition and Trial Support Offerings

TransPerfect Legal Solutions Expands Deposition and Trial Support Offerings

End-To-End Solution Includes Trial Support Group and TLS Video Link

NEW YORK, NY, September 29, 2014 – TransPerfect Legal Solutions (TLS), a leading global provider of legal support services, today announced that it has expanded its trial support offerings to assist with the preparation, creation, and modification of exhibits, transcripts, and video for trial use. TLS also provides technical support for presentation systems and technology throughout the trial process.

TLS offers a full suite of services, which includes forensic technology and consulting, e-discovery and early data assessment, managed review and legal staffing, language services, deposition and trial support, and paper discovery and production. Within deposition and trial support, TLS employs court reporters and case management specialists to assist with the litigation process, and handles all legal support needs involved with collecting information during the discovery process through review and production, as well as presentation strategy.

Additionally, TLS now offers its own secure video-teleconference software, TLS Video Link, which allows a connection with up to 25 parties anywhere in the world. Participants can access TLS Video Link calls from any device that has a stable internet connection, including mobile devices, tablets, and existing conference room video systems.

TLS’s President of Deposition Services, Stewart Edison, stated, “We understand the time constraints that attorneys face and realize that valuable time and money is often wasted traveling to and from depositions. TLS Video Link is a flexible and easy to use solution for remote depositions, effectively saving our clients time and cutting travel along with associated costs.”

“We’re excited to continue to strengthen our trial support offerings and offer a truly end-to-end solution,” said TLS’s President of Discovery Services, Jim Iseman III. “Our trial support group works hand-in-hand with our depositions team to ensure exhibits, transcripts, and video clips are properly produced for trial. TransPerfect is dedicated to supporting our clients and streamlining the trial process, and our continued growth is a result of this commitment.”

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